Ruins in Bloom is a metroid-like game where you play as a flower traversing an abandoned city. Collect upgrades in glass vials and dodge bugs that will eat you.


Arrow keys to move. Press into a grass wall to crawl along it.

Z to shoot seeds. When seeds land on grass, the flower will reroot itself where it lands.

This is game is very much a work-in-progress, so any feedback on bugs or gameplay will be much appreciated.


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Alright, got seeds and longer stem, but there's nowhere to go. There's one place around a corner that I can reach, but it just shows the beginning area.


I really like the concept a lot! I'm a big metroidvania fan and like the literal interpretation of "player growth" as a flower gaining seeds, etc. It seems like a full game like this would really emphasize the "lonely, atmospheric" aspect of the genre above the action aspect, and I think that's really cool.

I enjoy this game, the music is very swell! A few things that may help you: when you reach the end of the supply of your stem then the screen starts jerking around. I think whats happening is your reset value is X while your movement value is X+n. Thats just what I think.

Also movement would be a bit smoother if you mapped the flower to direct towards the mouse and move towards the direction the mouse is facing when MouseLeft is clicked and fire the seed when MouseRight is click? It would play more smoothly I think

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glitched trough the grass, had to reset just to get out.

(occurred when shooting seed into upside-down grass I was rooted to)

Yeah, there's a number of collision errors I haven't fixed yet. I decided it didn't matter that much for this release since it's so short.


Maybe add "Die" to the continue/reset cart menu.