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PICOMIN is a demake of Nintendo's action-strategy game Pikmin made for the PICO-8 fantasy console.

You are a spaceship captain stranded on a strange new planet. It is now your duty to repair your ship so you can return home- with the help of tiny creatures called "picomin." Under your guidance, picomin will conquer obstacles and retrieve the missing pieces of your ship's computer so it can navigate to your daughter's wedding.


The primary goal of PICOMIN is to retrieve all pieces of your ship by making efficient use of your plant-person army over the course of multiple in-game days. Each day is 3 minutes long.

Call picomin out of the ship by moving your cursor near the ship and pressing X. A maximum of 15 picomin can be outside of the ship at a time.

You can throw picomin following you with Z and call them back with X.

Picomin will automatically attack or pick up nearby objects when they aren't following you. Besides computer pieces, most things picomin can pick up will increase the numbers of your army- including corpses of defeated enemies.

Picomin can also carry bridge pieces. Picomin will take a piece from the pile and add onto the bridge until it's finished. Bridges will allow you to cross water, opening up new locations to explore or just create shortcuts to make carrying things back to the ship faster. 

An important part of exploration is reaching new landing spots. By running into flag poles across the map, you'll be able to land in different sections of the world at the start of each day. These landing spots will bring you closer to important collectibles, and you can still go back to previous areas to collect that one thing you may have missed!

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THIS IS SO GOOD, replayable and fun (plese do the complete game <3)


Even though this is just a demo this is what hey pikmin should've been

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slight issue I found, might have just been that they all died, but I didnt have any picomin on the next day

nope, they all died, I think it might be better to have Picomin also not die if they are following you

cool game

I would like to buy this but want to play it on my GP351P, so I'd need a .P8 or .PNG file, is that possible?


Such a great Game. As a Pikmin Fan I would love to see more of it in the future! Its well done and I like the art style.

i really like how they look

I really love this game. Its cute, has great cotrols and feels like Pikmin.

But there is a problem in this demo. If all your Pikmin die, you are basicly softlocked and have to restart the game. good idea would be, if the onion (that looks more like a glitched sprite than an aktual onion) would spit out 1 Pikmin. Not that it is the best idea, but i wanted to bring this to you. also sorry for my bad english

This is adorable!! I would love to play it on pico-8 handheld, would you mind adding the cart to the Pico-8 BBS to make it available from Splore, or adding the cart here?

Is  this still being updated?

Yep! Next update will be the full game's release, hopefully sometime in April.

Great to hear about that!

one suggestion. add more picomin.


Hey GunTurtle is this game still being worked on?

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Augh, hard questions! The game is extremely close to being finished, I haven't put out the final product for several reasons though. The main problem is that I've reached the limits of how large a PICO-8 cartridge can be- and even reaching that came at a cost. The game has significantly more content than this demo, but it lacks much  of the polish. Most enemies have the same AI, the extra picomin types don't really do anything, and a lot of smaller parts of the game were removed to save space (e.g.  the messages the captain provides at the end of a day).  The project in its current state is not something I wanna release.

 As it is, I've largely lost the motivation to work on the project in its current form, but I do genuinely plan on releasing the game in some form eventually.

well I was wondering because I want to play your full game  (I have the demo on my phone now lol) Also I am planning to make a retro Pikmin game and have not decided what style I am choosing for my game, but wanted to see if you were cool with it if I did end up using a flat zone style similar to this and pushing my game in this direction?

don´t outwork yourself, mate. This game is great by the way.

I love this game. Would play over and over anytime

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Well done! I can't wait to see the rest of the other picomin and more captain picomar.

Very well-done. It captures the same joy I got from the original. The level of polish really shows. :)


This is really good. I enjoyed this quite a bit,

I'm so excited for this! It has so much potential!


for when a cartridge version


This was pretty fun and I can't wait to see more! My one criticism is that the picomin don't unstick themselves well when they get separated from the corners and it's pretty annoying to walk about to get them to funnel through properly.